Criminal Law

Criminal Law


Our firm is able to provide assistance in conducting criminal trials be it in the district regional or High Court. We are also able to assist with bail applications including after hour bail applications.

Frequently asked questions regarding bail:

Do I have the right to bail?

You have the constitutional right to be released from detention on bail if the interest of justice permits subject to reasonable conditions.

When can I apply for bail?

After your arrest you may apply to the South African Police Services to be released on bail or on warning. The Police may only grant “Police Bail “ in respect of certain offences and before your first court appearance.

Further you can apply for what is commonly referred to as prosecutors bail after hours but again only for certain specified offences.

From the time of your arrest the South African Police Service may only detain you for a period of 48 hours unless “for example a 48 hour period expires outside of the ordinary court hours” and they are required to bring you before court within that 48 hour period at which time the question of bail would normally be determined by the court.